Business Landlines Are Disappearing: What’s Replacing Them?

Business Landlines Are Disappearing: What’s Replacing Them?

Life is full of change – and the telecommunications industry isn’t exempt from it. The use of traditional landlines, for both businesses and homes, continues to decline in many areas across the country. It’s hard to believe something created in 1877 would have such a long run of success, but it’s slowly coming to an end. With business landlines disappearing, what’s replacing them, and why are they becoming obsolete?

Why Are Business Landlines Disappearing?

So, what is the simple answer to why business landlines are disappearing? There isn’t one – various factors are contributing to the declining usage across the United States. One reason is  the FCCs deregulation of traditional landlines, also known as POTS. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the acronym, POTS refers to “Plain Old Telephony Services,” or traditional, analog voice transmission technology implemented over physical copper wires. It’s the telephone service businesses have been using since the 1880s. If you’re concerned about the FCCs deregulation of POTS and how it could affect your telephone service, there is a lot we need to fill you in on. 

The first thing you need to be aware of is the increasing cost of traditional business landlines. The deregulation of POTS means that rates for legacy services will no longer be mandated, and companies can now charge whatever they please. This is resulting in dramatic rate increases by some providers. With inflation touching all areas of our business and personal lives, we’ve had to cut back on how we spend. Because of anticipated POTS rate increases, you’ll have to make some more tough decisions for your organization if you use copper wire technology for your business phone system. 

Along with cost, another factor to consider is reduced service quality and support. With declining POTS use, providers have all but stopped investing in the technology, which will eventually result in service quality issues. Customer support is waning, with service response times increasing from hours to days with some providers. Since the investment and support in copper wire technology are declining rapidly, it may be time for your organization to consider an alternative business communications solution if you’re currently using POTS.

With all that being said, there is no reason to be alarmed. POTS lines aren’t disappearing altogether, and you have time to consider your next move before making any rash decisions. As a business owner, you understand the importance of your bottom line, especially now more than ever, but it’s time that you start thinking ahead and have some replacement considerations in mind. 

VoIP and UCaaS Are Replacing Business Landlines 

Since POTS lines have become expensive to operate and less than ideal, new technologies have emerged to take its place, including VoIP and UCaaS. 

VoIP is a flexible, affordable, and reliable. The multi-functionality of VoIP means you have the perfect solution to replace POTS lines. Opting for this approach will save you money and avoid the cost of upgrading copper wire lines. UCaaS is the modern solution that helps teams collaborate from anywhere, leading to significant savings and increased quality and reliability over outdated POTS lines.

With a VoIP or UCaaS solution, you have the option to support a remote and hybrid workforce. As the world becomes more and more globalized, business communication will continue to evolve and communication platforms that make it possible for colleagues to interact, no matter their location, through a flexible, secure, and reliable platform.

Businesses are adopting UCaaS at a clip that’s unmatched. A move to UCaaS is essential for employees that need to access communication tools from anywhere, on any device. UCaaS provides organizations the flexibility to offer communication services that include voice, messaging, and video on the go. Moving over to UCaaS will also lead to reduced capital expenses, and allow you to offload management and security to a service provider. 

A move to UCaaS is about preparing for the future and implementing an affordable and reliable replacement for POTS – it’s also a solution for its rising prices, declining investment in copper wire technology, and the resulting service and support issues. With all of the issues surrounding the old technology, adopting UCaaS, the forward-thinking solution, will revolutionize your business. 

Crexendo’s VIP Platform for Cloud Business Communications

In today’s global economy, more companies are opting for VoIP and UCaaS business communications solutions. These new technologies have allowed organizations to migrate their business communications to the cloud, eliminating the need for costly hardware and enabling  businesses to be more connected with their customers.

Crexendo makes the transition to business cloud communications simple. The Crexendo VIP™ Unified Communications as a Service Platform is a reliable, affordable option for those looking to replace costly landlines with a cloud-based business communications system. VIP’s industry-leading 100% Uptime Guarantee ensures rock-solid reliability in a UCaaS solution that maximizes productivity through efficient, flexible business communications. 

Crexendo VIP™ combines all of your business communications, including voice, messaging, and video into a single, dependable solution. The VIP Platform allows users to communicate from anywhere using the device of their choice, including computer softphone, dedicated mobile app or traditional desk phone. VIP is easily administered through a browser-based portal, and the Platform integrates seamlessly with over 350 business software applications for optimal efficiency and productivity. 

If you’re planning your transition away from expensive, unreliable POTS lines, let the Crexendo VIP™ Platform be the choice for your cloud-based business communications solution. Reach out to our team for a free demo today.