Crexendo VIP Platform 100% Uptime Guarantee – Why It’s Important There’s a new kid in town, a VIP, a very important person? No, but you could say a Very Important Platform. It’s the Crexendo “VIP Business Communications Platform. “VIP” stands for the three modes of communication and collaboration: Video, Interactions, and Phone. The Crexendo VIP […]

There are some features that form the core of a communication system, such as call and chat, and then there are features that make the best out of a communication system and bundle them within a complete package, proving useful to business systems. Introducing the VIP Unified Communications as a Service Platform In this post, […]

How your company communicates says a lot about your business. Moving your communication systems to the cloud allows you to customize your business operations to match the way you work and not how the system wants you to work. With Crexendo’s UCaaS solution, your company can use everything from a computer to a cellphone to […]

Gigantic, huge, enormous, massive, vast, immense! Six words that all describe just how Unified Communications (UC) has rocked the business world in the past two decades. The use of UC has had a tremendous impact and influence on the business world. Much more than you may know if you are not currently taking advantage of […]

You may have heard a popular song titled “Year of The Cat” by Al Stewart. Not sure what year he was referring to, but 2020 could be called the Year of the “Cut.” Many businesses had to cut their budgets as more customers were locked down at home, and revenues were down. Some businesses couldn’t […]

Many companies over the last several years have started to rely on remote workers. Along comes 2020 and its game-changing pandemic that changed the way businesses have had to adjust their operations. Shiseido, a cosmetics business in Japan, called for 8000 employees to work from home out of concerns over the virus. In London, Crossrail, […]

Crexendo, to continually improve our services, has added to our team a telecommunications industry veteran of 25 years. Ex-Avaya Channel Chief Jon Brinton will join Crexendo as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Learn why we are excited about Jon here.

Every part of our lives relies on accurate communication. It is essential to create and maintain relationships, express opinions, and do business. For business, because of the growing trend of globalization, communication is more important than ever nowadays. A company may have offices all over the world or seek to do business around the world. […]

Considering the ongoing events of COVID-19, and when we consider all other major disasters that the world has recovered from over the last several years, business continuity and the ability to transition in and out of a physical office is more important than ever. We are all excited that the country is slowly starting to […]

Even more than 9/11, COVID-19 is changing the way business is done. Currently, the new reality is extreme social distancing and stay at home mandates. For the foreseeable future, it means people working remotely, communicating, and collaborating using technology. Here at Crexendo, the crisis also serves to galvanize many long-held, deeply embedded beliefs. For well […]

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