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We’ve helped over 48,000 customers improve their business communications technology, which in turn impacted their bottom line and customer satisfaction.

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Pioneer Middle School

“We have not dropped service –not one time– since we made the switch, which has been absolutely wonderful. The service has just been phenomenal.”

Mike Sparks, Superintendent and Principal of Pioneer Public Schools

Unified Communications
Customized Platform
Scalable Efficiency


“Before we started with Crexendo®, we had a lot of complications Crexendo® decided to take phone systems and make them easy for everyday people like you and I.”

Andrew Burchfield @ Texas Bible Institute

Simplified Phone System
40% Annual Cost Savings
Easy to Manage


“I can stand before franchisees and tell them that the Crexendo®’s Cloud-Telephone System is a cost-effective service that is scalable and can grow with their business. Choosing Crexendo® just makes sense.”

Rich Rector, CEO @ Realty Executives International

Flexible, Remote System
45% Monthly Savings
Disaster Recovery

Regional Center for Border Health

“Crexendo® is very knowledgeable, they’re truly experts in their industry and helped our organization tremendously improve our internal and external communications.”

Philip Gladney, IT Director @ Regional Center for Border Health

Unified Communications
Improved UI and Analytics Features
Scalable Enterprise-Level Solutions

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