Upgrading is easier than you think, and it’s crucial to your operations

We support you throughout your implementation so it’s easy and streamlined, plus we’re there for the life of your service with 24/7 support!


Discovery & Quote

We focus on understanding your business and existing pain points with your communications. Our hands-on sales team will take you through a demonstration, review your needs, and give you a personalized quote.



We do all of the legwork! You will be assigned a System Specialist who will help design and build your entire system and make sure your needs are being met. Then, your brand new, upgraded phone system is launched!


Continued Support

Through the life of your system, we’re here to help support you. Every time we enhance our platform or services in the future, you automatically receive those upgrades as well. Our products are always being enhanced to better suit our customers.

Upgrading FAQs

Nope! Most companies have the gear in place to connect to the Crexendo® Cloud. All of the Crexendo® phones can be connected to an Ethernet cable or connected using WiFi. No PoE needed, all phones ship with a power brick.

Not at all! In fact, you’ll gain some and then more! Rest assured the Crexendo® Cloud has the functionality to keep your communication routing the way it is with the added benefit to try out new features and functionality to see if it’s a good fit for your company.

We can move as quick or as slow as you need! Not all installs are the same. A typical install will take 3-4 weeks. Don’t let this scare you, if we need to move quicker we most defiantly can.

Just the phones! When you sign up with the Crexendo® Cloud typically the only equipment you need to install is the phone! These come with instructions and very easy to install.

Most current inter-net providers can provide more than adequate bandwidth. We average 100kb per call. This means roughly 1MB of your internet service can handle 10 calls at one time.

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