Get unmatched service and reliability for your enterprise business

  • We offer an advanced platform with world-class support

Even if you’re on the cloud, you can still save by switching

Not all service providers are created equal, and here at Crexendo® we pride ourselves on bringing a consolidated suite with over 100 features into a single system built to meet our customer’s needs. Drive your business with customizable dashboards with real-time and historical statistics and analytics for better decision making at both high level and down to the minute details.

New Features Every 6-8 Weeks

Lifetime Warranty on Every System

Advanced Call Center Features

Go Remote with Mobile Apps

Why Choose Crexendo®

Get the one-on-one, personalized support you want

Take advantage of 24/7 included support based right here in the US. You need a communications partner who has your back and will work with you one-on-one when needed. Plus, we roll out new feature enhancements every 6-8 weeks that are automatically made available to all of our users.

100% US-Based Support

We’re Available 24/7/365

Expert Help & Advice

White Glove Service

Our Process and Support

Our custom-built platform of solutions will service you today and into the future with continuous feature enhancements


High-definition audio combined with a feature-rich platform makes for the perfect combination.

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Call Center

Whether small or large, we provide the right features, integrations, and analytics to improve your customer satisfaction.

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Communicate effectively via desk phone, soft phone, mobile app or collaboration tool from anywhere.

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Our Phones

From executive touchscreens to wireless devices, our intuitively designed phones have you covered.

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From video conferencing and screen sharing to audio conferencing, we make it easy to stay on task and work as a team from anywhere.

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Analytics & Administration

Our analytic tools give you the insight you need to drive your business all in one manageable place.

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More About Our Platform

“Crexendo® is very knowledgeable, they’re truly experts in their industry and helped our organization tremendously improve our internal and external communications.”

Philip Gladney, IT Director @ Regional Center for Border Health

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