SNN Network Talks Everything UCaaS & CCaaS with Crexendo President Doug Gaylor

SNN Network Talks Everything UCaaS & CCaaS with Crexendo President Doug Gaylor

Robert Kraft from the Due Diligence Podcast graciously hosted Crexendo’s President and COO, Doug Gaylor, to discuss everything from the direction he sees the company going in the next three to five years, how COVID impacted the organization, and much more. 

Crexendo is a provider of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Call Center as a Service (CCaaS), communication platform software solutions, and collaboration services designed to provide enterprise-class cloud communication solutions to any size business through their business partners, agents, and direct channels. The organization has enjoyed great success over the past two years and currently supports more than 2.5 million end users globally. Crexendo is the fastest-growing UCaaS platform in the United States.

From awards to podcasts, Crexendo has been enjoying the red carpet treatment as of late. Doug Gaylor was excited to tell Robert about everything that’s been happening and what he anticipates in the future. 

Kraft delved right into it and asked Doug for an overview of Crexendo. Starting with some industry background, Doug explained how in the mid-2000s, most businesses had a phone system that required a box in their office – everything was premise-based. However, the late 2000s were revolutionary because cloud technology started picking up steam. By then companies had enough bandwidth in the office to transmit voice calls over their internet connection. Crexendo saw an incredible opportunity to take old PBX phone systems out of the office and move them to the cloud. So in 2012, Crexendo began offering cloud-based business phone solutions, which are more affordable, reliable, and efficient. 

To sum it up simply, it’s a fun and interesting interview. Kraft works his magic and Doug has a lot to say about Crexendo and its progress. This only scratches the surface, and if you’re into all things UCaaS and CCaaS, you’ll want to tune in. Make sure to take a listen here