Top 6 VoIP Benefits for Business

Top 6 VoIP Benefits for Business

No matter the size of your business, if you’ve been operating your organization with traditional landlines, you might have endured some challenges with your workforce. A recent Gallup poll found that 45 percent of full-time employees in the United States worked from home full-time (25 percent) or part-time (20 percent). A significant portion of white-collar jobs is typically done in-office. Still, the remote revolution is seemingly here to stay, and learning about the top VoIP benefits for business can help you dramatically by adopting business phones.

As the work culture changes, so have the tools organizations use to conduct their business. Whether your employees are at their home office or working away in a coffee shop on the other side of the world, they must stay connected to complete the task at hand. Our employees are the backbone of what you want to achieve, but they need the proper equipment to make the magic happen.

One of the top VoIP benefits for business is the ability for your workforce to be remote, but that’s not the only advantage. A remote workforce allows you to choose from top-tier talent nationwide and not be confined to a specific location to select employees. The same poll found that 91 percent of workers hope remote work is here to stay, meaning your talent pool has grown exponentially. Even if you opt for a hybrid environment, the benefits of VoIP are limitless.

If you’re ready to transition your phone systems and consider a new service provider, we want to explain the advantages your benefits will reap from VoIP business phones and moving away from outdated technology.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP isn’t new technology. VoIP, known as Voice over Internet Protocol, arrived in the 1990s as technology that routes phone calls through your internet network. As new technology at the time, it had its faults. However, over time, it has become among the best and most versatile business phone solutions available to the public.

VoIP works by connecting to a phone or headset that records voice and then turns it into raw data. That data is then compressed and converted into data packets, which travel to a service provider as a digital signal. At that point, it’s converted and connected to the phone. One of the best features VoIP offers is integrating into your existing phone system, enabling you to use your current phone system for VoIP calls and leveraging features provided by the technology.

If you and your employees are tired of being tethered to the desk and looking to chop the cord from your desk phone, adopting cloud-based VoIP to make calls will significantly benefit your business and its employees. It’ll enable everyone to make business calls anywhere they’re located globally with unified communications products.

What Are the Top Benefits of VoIP?

Committing to change for your business and investing hard-earned profits in a new cloud-based communications system can be daunting. However, not only will your business become more connected, but you’ll save significantly on your communications spending by moving over to a VoIP-based business phone and service provider. Communication is the cornerstone of any business, no matter the industry or size, and investing in this technology will pay off in the long run. From its accessibility and functionality, we want to discuss the benefits of VoIP and how it’ll help your business flourish.

VoIP Offers Advanced Features

VoIP is more than voice calls; it offers various services that’ll help your business. These include the following:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call transfers
  • Auto-attendant
  • Conference calls
  • Call routing
  • SMS
  • Call recording
  • Simple access to call logs
  • Email

As a business operator, you understand the need to communicate with your team and clients on a variety of platforms in real time. Cloud-based systems that provide you with the means to do this through mobile apps allow for business calls on your mobile phone. What does this translate to? You can reach clients and colleagues at any time, anywhere, on the device of your choice, using one unified system.

VoIP Will Save Your Business Money

You don’t need an advanced study to tell you that costs are rising in every sector. If you’re an SMB and struggling to keep costs at bay, transitioning to VoIP will save you money. If you have any cost-saving opportunity at your fingertips, it’s something you must consider. We’re not talking about minimal savings for the sake of mentioning them. No, we’re talking about actual savings you’ll notice in your bottom line.

There are two ways your business will save money by switching to VoIP – directly & indirectly. Traditional phone services warrant high initial costs, including PBX (private branch exchange) costs, which are on-premise physical pieces of hardware, copper wiring charges, calling expenses, and recurring fees. By eliminating these you will see direct savings.

Your indirect savings are a bit more challenging to determine, but it doesn’t make it less crucial for your business. The most common indirect cost savings with a VoIP cloud-based system include remote work savings, which can total to around $11,000 per person each year, and add-on features that don’t cost more.

Accessibility, Accessibility, Accessibility

Without money flowing through your accounts, running a business isn’t possible. While balancing your finances is the most essential portion of running a business, the next most important step that a VoIP system allows you to have is accessibility. Cloud-based VoIP services enable you to make and receive calls anywhere you have an excellent internet connection. If you can’t answer a call, you can direct those calls to another person or have voicemails sent directly to your email inbox.

Crisp Call Quality

One of the initial downsides to VoIP when it debuted was its poor call quality. However, sorry to say, the 90s were a long time ago, and VoIP technology has vastly improved since its rollout. Back then, calls would drop for no reason, and the quality itself was atrocious. Today, VoIP calls are crisp, clear, and won’t lag or drop out if you have a solid broadband connection to the internet, which is easy to come by these days.


Another primary benefit of VoIP is its scalability. As a business owner, you’d much prefer a business phone system that can grow with the organization. VoIP allows you to forgo expensive hardware and dedicated lines as your business grows. For example, if you decide to open a new office or you’re preparing for higher demand because of a special event, you can tailor your system to what is needed at the time without extra lines.

Flexibility with Softphones

Softphones are programs that can be installed on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Softphones are beneficial for business communication for the following reasons:

  • Portability
  • Less desk space
  • Reduces equipment costs
  • Always connected to the workforce

The flexibility with softphones is more than enough of a reason to consider transitioning. They provide you with access that supports the remote workforce.

Should You Switch to VoIP?

In short, if you’re facing the prospect of losing employees who work remotely, or you’re unable to attract talent because you can’t offer remote work, you should consider the switch. The primary benefit of switching to VoIP is the amount of money you’ll save in the short-and-long-term. We’ve discussed the various benefits, but right now, it’s crucial to cut corners and save money where you can. In a volatile economy rife with inflation, your costs are going up, and your dollar is worth less than a year ago. 

Fortunately, you can combat this by taking advantage of award-winning, cloud-based business communication services, and VoIP business phones that Crexendo offers at a reasonable price.

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