The Crexendo® VIP™ Mobile App is an Office Phone in Your Pocket

The Crexendo® VIP™ Mobile App is an Office Phone in Your Pocket

Welcome to the future, a time where you can open an app on your mobile device, connect with colleagues, order groceries, and conduct a seemingly endless amount of tasks from the palm of your hand. It has revolutionized how we live and conduct business. Mobile apps have given us the ability to have simple, functional access to products, information, services, and other processes with a touch of a button anywhere in the world.

As innovators in the UCaaS, VoIP, and cloud communications sector and responsible for developing the fastest-growing UCaaS platform in the United States with 2.5 million users, Crexendo’s engineers developed the Crexendo® VIP™ Mobile App. It provides you with the freedom to work from anywhere and manage your communications while on the move. Think of it as an extension of our wildly successful UCaaS Platform but on your mobile device.

Since the modern workforce isn’t confined to a desk 24/7 and is constantly moving, the need for unified communications has grown exponentially in the past few years. Our platform is the superior solution. The Crexendo® VIP Mobile App helps remote, hybrid, and even on-site workers stay connected with the entire workforce when away from the office by including features like HD voice quality, Visual Voicemail, and Voicemail Transcription. It also has standard messages like Text, SMS, and Team Chat. These enable you to remain productive wherever the day takes you. It’s almost as if you have an office phone in your pocket.

Below, we’ll discuss some additional benefits of the app and what a cloud-based phone system  can do for your business.

What Are the Benefits of the Crexendo® VIP™ Mobile App?

In addition to HD voice quality, Visual Voicemail, and Voicemail Transcription, the Crexendo® VIP Mobile App provides you with the following to keep you connected:

  • One-Number Convenience: One of the primary benefits of the Crexendo® VIP Mobile App is you won’t need more than one phone number. With our platform, you can use your office number instead of your personal mobile number.
  • Transition Calls With Ease: There was a time when you’d have to hang up a call on your desk phone and re-establish the connection on your cell phone. Fortunately, those days are long gone, and with our app, you can move calls seamlessly between your desk phone and mobile phone without interruption. 
  • Simple Access to Company Contacts: No one has time to juggle through their contacts to find someone’s phone number. One of the many benefits of our app is internal dialing, which gives you quick and straightforward access to company contacts.
  • Voicemail Transcription: In the mobile client, you have the capability of Voicemail Transcription, which is the process of turning voicemails into text. A voice-to-text translator listens to the voicemail, then transcribes the words into a readable format. This is extremely valuable if you’re in the middle of a meeting but are waiting for valuable information from a call you couldn’t answer.
  • Business Messaging: The Crexendo® VIP Mobile App allows you to conduct business messaging through Text, SMS, and Team Chat. You’ll always be connected and never miss a thing.

To sum it up, the Crexendo® VIP Mobile App is an extension of our award-winning VIP Platform for business Cloud Communications. You can put VIPs’ advanced features to work immediately to increase business efficiency and staff productivity. 

If you haven’t updated your old, antiquated business landline, a cloud-based phone system is a great start.

Who Needs Cloud-Based Phone Systems?

A cloud-based business phone system can help small-to-medium-sized businesses immensely. Cloud-based phone systems are managed and operated by a third party, removing costly burdens from your business, and making it a popular choice for businesses that don’t have dedicated IT departments. 

Even if you have a dedicated IT team, your mid-sized business can benefit as well due to the flexibility these systems offer. Cloud phone systems free up valuable IT resources, enabling you to place your energy on closing deals, focusing on important projects, and your overall business strategy. 

Below, we’ll discuss the primary benefits of a cloud-based phone system. 

How a Cloud-Based Phone System Can Benefit Your Business

What are some of the other benefits of a cloud-based phone system?

  • Improved Customer Experience : No matter your industry, the phone system is a significant part of the overall customer experience. When customers contact your organization, cloud-based phone systems allow you to manage calls more effectively, enabling your business to better serve customers throughout the sales process. Cloud-based phones put your organization at a competitive advantage. 
  • Scalability: Cloud-based phone systems are easy to implement, and they’re managed by a third-party provider, meaning you only pay for what’s used and what’s needed. With premise-based on-site phone systems, it’s challenging to add additional users. However, that’s not the case with cloud phones – you add a user, then move on. These systems grow with the company, which is why they’ve become increasingly popular, especially if you’re a new business. You can scale your phone system to meet the right needs at the moment it needs it. 
  • Reliability: If your phone system isn’t reliable, you’re going to endure significant hardships with your business. Reliability is a crucial need for any organization, and cloud-based phone systems check off all those boxes, but what makes cloud phones so reliable? These systems are hosted in multiple locations, meaning if one does experience an issue, albeit uncommon, another will pick up the slack and keep your communications operating smoothly.
  • Flexibility : Whether your team is fully remote, on a hybrid schedule, or in the office full-time, cloud-based phone systems enable you and your workers to operate from anywhere at any time. You’ll never miss a call, and you’ll have access to the same features and functionality, anywhere on any device. This allows communications to happen when they need to, and increases the efficiency and productivity of all team members. 
  • Mobility: Mobility is key for businesses with multiple locations or employees that travel often for work. Being able to do business on the go is a given, and cloud phone systems that include mobile functionality make this easier. The Crexendo® VIP Mobile App allows workers to take calls wherever they are using their office phone number on their mobile phone, eliminating the need to use two phone numbers (office and cell). This streamlines and simplifies communications with customers and co-workers.

Crexendo® VIP™ Platform and Mobile App: Built For Your Business

Moving your organization to a modern cloud-based phone system may seem overwhelming, but Crexendo® makes it easy for you. Switching to cloud communications is a crucial step in remaining competitive in today’s evolving business world, especially as more organizations move to a remote and hybrid workforce. Unified communications are the future of work, and the Crexendo® VIP™ Platform, with its dedicated Mobile App, enables your employees to work and collaborate from anywhere. You can also diversify your workforce by attracting top-tier talent from across the country and saving money in the process.

Crexendo® will make your transition to UCaaS a simple one. Our implementation team will work with you to ensure a smooth installation, and our award-winning customer support team will be there for you to give you any help you need. The VIP Platform is backed by our industry-leading 100% Uptime Guarantee; it has 2.5 million global users and counting and is the fast-growing platform in the United States. We’ve won multiple industry awards, and we have a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on, the leading software review site, based on reviews from verified real users. So if you’re ready to make the move to our state-of-the-art business communications system from a trusted organization, we’re ready to show you why our customers rave about Crexendo and our VIP Platform.

Please reach out to one of our knowledgeable VIP Consultants to learn more about our VIP mobile app, cloud-based phone system, and more. Call 833-939-4847 or sign up for a free demo here.