Many companies over the last several years have started to rely on remote workers. Along comes 2020 and its game-changing pandemic that changed the way businesses have had to adjust their operations. Shiseido, a cosmetics business in Japan, called for 8000 employees to work from home out of concerns over the virus. In London, Crossrail, […]

Every part of our lives relies on accurate communication. It is essential to create and maintain relationships, express opinions, and do business. For business, because of the growing trend of globalization, communication is more important than ever nowadays. A company may have offices all over the world or seek to do business around the world. […]

Considering the ongoing events of COVID-19, and when we consider all other major disasters that the world has recovered from over the last several years, business continuity and the ability to transition in and out of a physical office is more important than ever. We are all excited that the country is slowly starting to […]

It seems like just yesterday we were all worried about Y2K and what was going to happen when the clock struck midnight to ring in the new century. It’s hard to believe we are starting a new decade this week as we ring in 2020. A lot has changed in the last 20 years and […]

Unless you’ve been living off the grid recently, you’ve probably seen a huge shift in business communication with the rise in cloud communication platforms. Called Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), companies are turning to the cloud to gain access to advanced office phone and mobile phone features, while also lowering the total cost of […]

You’ve heard it again and again: the right cloud communication solution has the potential to transform your business. That’s because UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) offers many advantages over traditional on-premise PBX options. Productivity enhancements, faster turn-up times, access to cloud collaboration tools, and reduced costs thanks to little to no on-prem hardware thus […]

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we LOVE our smartphones! And as much as we’d like to put the blame on millennials – or even younger generations – we’re all guilty! Studies show 3.3 billion people worldwide access the internet using mobile phones, and about 5 billion people globally send […]

Today, collaboration is a hallmark of any successful business or organization. And, while the need for communication and collaboration hasn’t changed, how we do it has. It wasn’t that long ago when phone calls and email once dominated your day in the office. Today those traditional communication channels are being supplemented – if not overtaken […]

It wasn’t that long ago when running call center software in-house was the de facto standard. The platforms were a big investment because you had to maintain the software yourself, requiring an ongoing investment both in people and hardware. Market leaders like Avaya and Cisco dominated the market until the late 2000s when call center […]

With the vast number of Unified Communication (UC) products on the market today, finding and choosing the right cloud-based phone solution can be daunting. UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) systems need to fit the company in terms of cost, scalability, support, and available features. Tools for voice and video calling, fax, SMS text, and […]

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