Match Made in Heaven: Mavenir & Crexendo® Team on UCaaS + CCaaS

Match Made in Heaven: Mavenir & Crexendo<sup>®</sup> Team on UCaaS + CCaaS

Telecommunications expert Dave Michels of no jitter broke the news of an epic partnering between Mavenir and Crexendo® as they team up on UCaaS & CCaaS. Michels mentions that most of us have had a fuzzy memory when it comes to remembering pre-pandemic life, which was slow with regards to the convergence of UCaaS and mobility. During the pandemic, CCaaS became more central, while post-pandemic we’ve transitioned to mobile CCaaS.

Michels references the imagery of chocolate and peanut butter used in briefings with analysts, with each company getting better-tasting portfolios. On the Mavenir side, they’re getting a mobile-optimized UCaaS for their 250 + service providers where they can brand their own. On the Crexendo® side, providers will inherit a brandable, omni-channel CCaaS.

Each company introduces new offerings, which are based upon the following partnership: Mavenir Connect 2.0, Powered by Crexendo® and Crexendo® CX, Powered by Mavenir. Both organizations stand to benefit from several trends, such as the convergence of UCaaS, CCaaS, mobility, the rise of private-label comms, and UCaaS + mobility.

Michels mentions that both companies are still working out the details but that both will “come out ahead” from this deal. This announcement has produced shockwaves in the sector, with both vendors and their service providers standing to benefit greatly. Stay tuned for more.


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