The Crexendo® Experience at Channel Partners 2022

The Crexendo<sup>®</sup> Experience at Channel Partners 2022

The bounce back from Covid is evident, which you already knew if you attended the 2022 Channel Partners Expo. The record-setting attendance consisted of more booths than you can imagine and even more traffic to set off the week. It was a beautiful sight, considering the number of events in recent years that changed to being virtual or were canceled altogether. If you wanted to see how this one turned out or you’re waiting until next year to attend, there’s quite a bit to take away.

It was the most attended Channel Partners to date, and the Crexendo® Powered by NetSapiens booth was the busiest we’ve ever seen. It indicated a demand for improved cloud solutions as businesses look to move away from their outdated communication systems.

This annual event is an important opportunity to collaborate with Partners, and attendees were excited to reconnect and strategize in person. Most of the discussion centered around post-pandemic business growth and resulting opportunities to provide remote and hybrid work communications solutions.

A hot topic was how businesses need to adapt to changing staffing needs as more workers leave their jobs searching for more flexible opportunities. One industry analyst in attendance brought up these challenges and mentioned that employees with three to five years’ experience are the ones jumping ship the most for big raises or remote work. Partners also talked about how new communications technologies can help companies adapt and provide work models that attract new talent and retain existing staff.

Another trending topic playing a role in the trajectory of businesses moving forward was diversity, the first year it’s been a focal point. Leaders from Google made sure it received the proper attention by dedicating a booth about the subject, leading from a diversity standpoint, and showing us what to expect in the years to come in business culture.

The strong presence of companies that offer cybersecurity solutions was notable, which wasn’t a surprise since security is a top concern among organizations.

All in all, Channel Partners was an absolute success! It was wonderful to reunite with our existing Partners and meet with new ones to discuss new opportunities in the post-pandemic world of work.