Get smart about texting @ work!

Get smart about texting @ work!

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we LOVE our smartphones! And as much as we’d like to put the blame on millennials – or even younger generations – we’re all guilty! Studies show 3.3 billion people worldwide access the internet using mobile phones, and about 5 billion people globally send and receive text messages. (Source: Further, studies show individuals open 98% of all text messages, and 96% of text messages are opened and responded to within three minutes of delivery! (Source: SMS Comparison).

Keeping personal phone numbers out

With our incredible appetite for mobile connectivity and texting, it’s no wonder that organizations are getting curious about business texting services. So why not just turn employees lose with texting? Let employees use their personal phone numbers to keep conversations going with co-workers, partners, and customers, right? Not so fast. There’s more to business texting than meets the eye. One of the biggest challenges is that when employees use their personal phones for texting, there’s a lack of internal control. Consumer texting apps also lack adequate security and tracking capabilities, possibly leaving businesses exposed.

Business texting made simple

Instead, successful organizations are realizing that they need a real strategy around business texting and it starts with their Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) platform. UCaaS solutions that include all the features users want – voice, email, chat, web and video conferencing, and a mobile app with texting – are changing the game! Business SMS services are an efficient and secure way to communicate using a business phone number – all from within a UC app or from a mobile device. Unlike chat or IM functions that enable real-time communications with ‘internal parties,’ business SMS texting opens up real-time communication with those outside the organization. How can companies leverage business texting to improve communication? Or better serve customers? Let’s take a closer look.

  • Don’t miss text messages from customers – Did you know that 150 million texts are sent to non-enabled business landlines every day? Further, studies show that 77% of customers think more highly of companies that can text. (Source: Customerthink). If employees don’t have access to business texting services within their UCaaS solution, companies run the risk of losing customers who prefer texting! And, there are added security risks when using consumer-grade texting apps.
  • Preserving conversations and business contacts – A UCaaS solution that includes texting services makes managing, delivering, and tracking SMS messages possible. These capabilities also preserve and protect business relationships by separating an employee’s phone and personal texting conversations from business communications.
  • Truly unified communication – When teams can leverage texting services with their UC app, they’re able to manage conversations in a streamlined way. Let’s say an employee is on a conference call in the office and receives an email message from a supplier. Leveraging business texting functions within their UCaaS system, they can respond very quickly, letting them know they’ll be in touch. Then if that same employee is working remotely later, they can leverage their mobile UC app and follow-up with a text, still using their business phone number! Users can switch back and forth between multiple communication channels – voice, chat, and text – ensuring a high-quality and integrated communication experience for all parties.

Opportunity awaits!

Texting is no longer just an obsession with teenagers. It’s a full-blown communication tool that’s just as mainstream as email and voice conversations when it comes to personal and works communication. Whether it’s one-to-one or one-to-many texting capabilities, the ability to use a UCaaS platform to send/receive text messages is critical. It streamlines communication and shows customers you’re listening to their preferences. If you want to learn more about using UCaaS and business texting, talk to Crexendo! Our CrexMo mobile app empowers teams to communicate and collaborate anywhere business takes them – integrating all channels like voice, video conferencing, and texting. Start realizing the benefits of business texting TODAY!