Didn’t You Get the Memo on Messaging?

Didn’t You Get the Memo on Messaging?

Keeping the hybrid workforce happy and engaged requires flexibility and powerful messaging solutions

Maintaining the workforce of the present and likely the near future is all about flexibility. As the world continues to react to the Covid-19 virus and its variants, one can’t help but think of the old Yiddish saying, “Man plans, God laughs.”

As many executives make plans to bring their “troops” back to the workplace, they are finding a lot of resistance. The New York Times reported recently, “While workers of all ages have become accustomed to dialing in and skipping the wearying commute, younger ones have grown especially attached to the new way of doing business.”

Yes, it’s difficult to determine when we’re going to get back to “old normal” — if ever. Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics says, “Our best estimate is that 25-30% of the workforce will be working-from-home multiple days a week by the end of 2021.”

But it’s not hard to see that feature-rich unified communications like the solutions Crexendo® provides are going to continue to be paramount for organizations that want to keep their employees happy and need to keep progressing.

A key to staying on track for most companies is being flexible and keeping their hybrid workforce fully engaged and connected. Video conferencing and collaboration solutions have a prominent role in keeping a diverse and remote-working team connected — but these are tools that can be overused and lead to video fatigue, which is a real issue for many employees.



Choose how you get your message across

Because most younger people grew up as “digital natives” using many text-based forms of messaging, these types of solutions will continue to have a big supporting role to play between in-person communication and virtual presence (video conferencing) communication. Fortunately, Crexendo®’s VIP Platform features integrated chat, SMS, and team messaging functions with instant messaging and persistent chat capabilities.

VIP also assists the hybrid workforce with a rich set of features that includes powerful auto attendant capabilities with text-to-speech, callback in queue, and integrated voice response options. Also, there’s robust messaging options that feature voicemail transcription, fax, speech-to-text, and optional integration into Microsoft Teams to leverage broadly deployed, common messaging tools. This is why Crexendo® says, “All your communications in one place.”

The Crexendo® VIP Platform was honored with the 2021 TMC Product of the Year Award. Much of its appeal is having on-demand or ad hoc video meeting capabilities, along with reserved “rooms” for regular team meetings with up to 25 attendees as well as webinar events for large group sessions hosting up to 200 attendees and up to six presenters.

Crexendo® VIP can meet your unique needs and help your organization succeed. To learn more, contact us at 866-242-3744 or sign up for a free demo.