Crexendo®‘s VIP Platform: Taking Business Communication Solutions to the Next Level

Crexendo<sup>®</sup>‘s VIP Platform: Taking Business Communication Solutions to the Next Level

There are some features that form the core of a communication system, such as call and chat, and then there are features that make the best out of a communication system and bundle them within a complete package, proving useful to business systems.

Introducing the VIP Unified Communications as a Service Platform

In this post, we will be discussing the important features of our VIP platform, which aims to help you manage your business activities, increase productivity, and engage in high-yielding business communication.

What “VIP” Stands For

Crexendo®‘s VIP business communication solutions deliver a solid foundation for your organization’s modern communication needs no matter where you are in the world and whichever business model you have.

Our VIP Platform keeps organizations in the U.S. up and running more efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively with the following intuitive cloud solutions:

  • Video.

    Improve your entire team’s productivity and communication efficacy with HD-quality one-on-one, group, and even webinar-style online meetings that can accommodate up to 200 attendees.

  • Interactions.

    Deliver your messages in real-time through reliable voicemail, SMS, Team Chat, Fax, and other powerful integrations that streamline internal and external workflow.

  • Phone.

    Choose from a selection of advanced devices with HD voice audio and built-in 5G Wi-Fi, among many other features and capabilities. Whether you’re in a cafe, in your car, or at the office—our browser-based, mobile, and traditional desk phones make business communications easy, convenient, and comprehensible.

Let us dive deeper and explore the features of our VIP Platform below.

Notable Features of the VIP Cloud Communications Solution for Business

The odds are high that your competitors have already moved away from previous technologies and are investing in modern business communication solutions. In fact, IDC analysts revealed that worldwide investments in digital transformation will reach $2.3 trillion in 2023.

Furthermore, 80 percent of respondents in a Frost and Sullivan study shared that increased uptime was a significant benefit of unified cloud communications and that over 75 percent of UCaaS users experienced higher productivity levels.

You, too, can achieve greater heights of productivity and success with Crexendo®‘s VIP Platform, which offers these unparalleled business communication solutions:

  1. Manage your business communications whenever, wherever

    Stuck in traffic? You can still be productive in the backseat of a cab or rideshare. Our VIP platform offers a web browser-based experience that allows you to manage all of your communication responsibilities on one screen. Streamlining your workflow even further, you can also integrate more than 60 business applications into your browser-based system. From “one click to join” to “auto-respond,” our VIP portal-based interface lets you do it all whenever you want, wherever you are from any device.

  2. Experience HD sound and visuals that make online calls feel like in-person interactions

    Whether you have a group meeting for an upcoming product launch, a one-on-one collaboration with a pioneer in your industry, a webinar training event, or if your customer care associate needs to provide support, our VIP platform’s high-definition video and audio capabilities can improve the quality of your business communications by leaps and bounds.

    Specifically, the video and audio capabilities of Crexendo®‘s VIP platform can help you attain optimal business productivity through:

    • On-demand or impromptu meeting capabilities for up to 25 participants
    • Preassigned “rooms” complete with persistent chat capabilities for regular meetings and collaborations
    • Webinar event functionality that can accommodate up to six presenters and 200 attendees
    • Integration of visuals with sound capabilities through the system’s built-in audio bridge function to support audio-only attendees
    • Sophisticated “team chat” features inclusive of persistent messaging, note-taking, progress tracking, and goals achievement
    • Calendar capabilities with a “one-click to join” option for quick and easy web or mobile device access
    • Visuals and sounds so clear and crisp that online business meetings feel like face-to-face gatherings
  3. Messaging features that make the word “instant” an understatement

    Say goodbye to the communication barriers, interruptions, and delays associated with outdated SMS and chat technologies. You can improve your office workflow and, as mentioned earlier, be able to handle all of your business communications with our VIP platform, whose advanced messaging capabilities include:

    • Integrated chat, SMS, and team messaging
    • SMS queues that enable you to manage inbound messages from multiple senders, uncomplicated management, and better customer interactions
    • Convert your voicemails into emails or transcribe voice messages for chat, fax, and other conventional interactions
    • Ultramodern auto-attendant capabilities for automated call distribution and routing, including customizable messaging with day and night, day of the week, and holiday schedules
    • Interactive voice response, which effectively detects specific keywords to activate voice interaction and speed call handling
    • Converts written outputs and interactions into true-to-life voice responses with our advanced text to speech feature
    • Customer support functionalities, including real-time performance metric systems, call monitoring and analytics, and other performance-enhancing, sales-boosting, and customer experience-refining capabilities
  4. VIP devices that suit your business locality and modality

    Our award-winning selection of cordless, conference, and desktop phones deliver the traditional desk-phone experience your business needs, plus high-quality audio, aesthetically pleasing design, and innovative communication solutions for business. Whichever you choose, rest assured that all of our devices streamline the management of communications over multiple devices, helping achieve optimal efficiency. In addition, you can easily pair our phones with an Android or iOS client wireless experience to help oversee and manage your business communications anytime, anywhere.

    You can learn more about our cutting-edge IP phones, attendant accessories, and other devices here.

  5. Robust management tools for providing customer-centric customer support

    The state-of-the-art multifunctional customer management tools of our VIP cloud communications platform can help your call center provide world-class services and positive experiences with each call. Powering your contact center with our impressive UCaaS features, you can leverage additional leading-edge capabilities, including but not limited to:

    • Additional channels with SMS and call back in the queue
    • Call recording and real-time coaching and monitoring
    • Real-time reporting, tracking, and notifications
    • Powerful analytics to foster and encourage best practices
    • Integrations into more than 60 SaaS applications. These platforms on the cloud help small- and large-scale businesses manage their customer interactions, drive sales, manage sales pipelines, track and monitor leads, as well as stay organized from one place
    • Refined auto-attendant or automated receptionist for maximum efficiency and flexibility
    • Additional capabilities for supervisors and management teams, such as the customization of call center queueing and routing thresholds for inbound call queues
    • Trailblazing self-service web portal for simple management
  6. Integrations resulting in faster resolutions and customer satisfaction

    Our VIP cloud communications platform offers over 60 integrations that support single sign-on (SSO) authentication for quick, convenient, and secure click-to-call capabilities. Each user can decide between four click-to-call variations depending on their preference. Furthermore, a feature enabling “screen pop” lets incoming calls produce an on-screen display, which shows the information of the incoming caller, while simultaneously registering the call to the agent’s telephony interface.

    Making our VIP integrations even more spectacular, reviewing call histories and speed dialing contacts on-screen is accessible to improve user productivity. Enhanced integration for Microsoft Teams is also available.

  7. Combine all of the above into one dependable solution…

    …and you have a complete package that can take your business communications to the next level.

The Bottom Line

Are you working from home? Or perhaps you go to an office every day or have the freedom to work wherever. Regardless of where you punch in your hours, you can stay connected and experience 100 percent uptime with business communication solutions that cultivate maximum productivity from anywhere using any device. Plus, you have full control over how you want to meet with your team and collaborators, from SMS to webinar-style meetings and everything in between. It doesn’t matter where in the United States you live or which business modality and media type you use, our VIP cloud communications solution for business can meet your unique needs and help catapult you to success.

Your Business Is Very Important to Us

2021 is the year of unified cloud communication. For 24/7 management and support anytime, anywhere — contact us at 866-242-3744 to experience the VIP difference today.