Crexendo – Making Your Remote Work Force a Stable and Productive Business Asset

Crexendo – Making Your Remote Work Force a Stable and Productive Business Asset

Many companies over the last several years have started to rely on remote workers. Along comes 2020 and its game-changing pandemic that changed the way businesses have had to adjust their operations.

Shiseido, a cosmetics business in Japan, called for 8000 employees to work from home out of concerns over the virus. In London, Crossrail, OMD, and Chevron have asked employees to work remotely.

Even businesses struggling like Hitachi, whose sales fell by 33% last year, have asked employees to work from home during the pandemic. Tencent, a company famous in China for video games, has asked mainland employees to work remotely.

There are many practical challenges for any company that would struggle to operate entirely virtually, just because of their businesses’ very nature. Examples include Starbucks, real-estate firms, and restaurants. 

Companies that had no remote workers have found the need to have some or, in some cases, even all employees work from home.

When asking employees to work remotely, it’s crucial to give employees access to technologies that support them as individuals and as teams to do their best work.

Crexendo’s Remote Communication Technology

Disruption creates opportunity for technological innovation and Crexendo a chance to help businesses struggling to adapt to the “new normal.” Since 1995 our cloud-based UCaaS communication service company has engineered solutions to help many businesses weather the economic storms they face.

All our communication features are custom developed in-house so we can adapt to your needs for growth and functionality. We keep our hosted cloud-based system up to date, adding enhancements and new features regularly.

With over 100 communications features available, Crexendo delivers the technology to support an in-office or remote team from a small to enterprise business.

How Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Supports Your Remote Workforce

Unified communications can help your business work anywhere. At your office, your client’s premises, your home, or on the move. It lives in the cloud, so when you log in on any device, it already knows you and your team’s contacts.

This absolute freedom to work from anywhere makes our cloud-based telecommunication services the perfect solution to build a stable and productive remote workforce. You will have complete control from the home office to monitor, control, and adapt to your companies changing needs. 

Given their current level and engagement, all your employees will have timely access to information and required resources. All this is possible virtually in the cloud. Crexendo’s wide range of apps and integrations optimize business processes and increase user productivity.

1. Communicate in Real-time

The critical component of unified communications is “presence.” The ability to know where the intended recipients of communication are, and if they are available, in real-time. All the systems and applications an employee is already using are integrated, and those systems all work together in real-time.

Remote workers can seamlessly collaborate with other persons on a project in separate locations. Our cloud-based system users can quickly locate the necessary person and communicate with text messaging, a voice call, or a video call.

2. Integrate Directly to Your CRM System

The entire Crexendo platform is custom-built in house, but that doesn’t mean we can’t integrate other existing service providers to increase your business process’s functionality.  

For those remote employees who are dealing directly or indirectly with clients, customer relation management applications are a vital part of your business. With Crexendo, you can choose from many popular industry CRM services that best fit your business model.

These include:

  • Salesforce 
  • Zapier 
  • OfficeTools 
  • Oracle
  • Office 365
  •  And Many More

With these advanced communications features, you will be able to enhance your customer experience to the level necessary for professional service.

Moreover, you can ensure that you keep all your customers in play and not lose your leads due to lack of organization. You’ll be able to manage every part with advanced communications features.

3. High-Quality Hosted Communication Solutions

When the need to work remotely may have become essential to your business’s survival, Crexendo has patented solutions custom-made to move employees from an office to telecommuting. If in the future you wish to move your team back again to an office, no problem. You have very little to transfer as most of your system’s functionality is in the cloud.

Crexendo provides you with a comprehensive hosted phone system with enterprise-grade features. You will have an easy-to-use portal, mobile applications, softphone applications, screen sharing and video conferencing, and file and document storage—everything needed for a modern business that wants to grow and compete and become successful.

Our high-quality desktop phones offer full feature sets, including voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, and many other features. Using industry-standard SIP protocols, you have an easy plug & play VoIP solution. Designed and manufactured by us, our desktop phones have a lifetime warranty, as long as they are used on our system.

Crexendo’s Cloud Communicator App Gives Your Remote Team Seamless Call Handling Capabilities

Cloud-Based Call Control

One fantastic and powerful features of Crexendo’s business solutions is our Cloud Communicator application. Ideal for any sized business, this app provides cloud-based call control from a desktop PC or Mac computer.

Without using a personal cell phone, users can perform a wide range of communications, including:

  • Send and receive texts from your business number
  • Internal users have access to chat
  • View ACD statistics and real-time call analytics.
  • Screen sharing and file sharing
  • Video conferencing
  • Conference recording and playback
  • Electronic document signature

Drag & Drop Conference Bridge Collaboration

With just a click of the mouse, users can effortlessly make or answer a call from the desktop. For simple call transferring, all that is needed is to drag and drop the call to anyone in your company’s directory. Set up conferences with up to 30 participants with ease by dragging and dropping participants into your personal conference bridge.

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Customer support is 100% U.S. based, so you will get the support you need promptly and accurately. Crexendo gives you the power of a world-class solution with the personalized cost-saving service your business deserves. Call 833-939-4847 now!