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Our Desk Phones Make Office Life Easy

Choose from our high-quality desktop phones that leverage industry standard SIP protocols for an easy plug & play VoIP solution. Our desktop phones offer full feature sets including voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, and many, many more. Plus, all our desktop phones are designed and manufactured by us and come with a lifetime warranty while on our service!

The CX400 Full-Color Display Phone

The Crexendo CX400 is an executive level, full color internet phone with 5 (SIP) accounts. It has a full duplex speakerphone, dual Ethernet Ports, three-way conferencing, and built in VPN capability.

The CX430 Full-Color Display Phone

The Crexendo CX430 is an executive level, full color internet phone with 5 (SIP) accounts. It also features industry standard Power over Ethernet (PoE), so no power cable or outlets required!

The CXT48 Full-Color Display Phone

The Crexendo CXT48 is designed specifically for both local and international use by business, industry and commerce, it incorporates a large touch panel that makes switching between different screens and applications swift, easy and convenient.

Already have phones that you’d prefer to keep? No worries!

We support numerous industry standard SIP phones and telecom devices. Check below to see if your existing hardware is compatible - we are happy to help you port over!

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