iZon® Eye Exam

To make customized iZon® High Resolution Lenses, your eye care practitioner must start with an eye exam that measures and analyzes much more data that are unique to your eyes. The Z-View® Aberrometer, from Ophthonix the makers of iZon Lenses, is the latest diagnostic instrument used by eye care practitioners to determine the highly precise wavefront prescription needed to make customized iZon High Resolution Lenses for your glasses.

Utilizing patented wavefront technology, the Z-View Instrument not only measures the traditional sphere, cylinder and axis but more importantly, the unique aberrations of your eyes.

In approximately one minute, your eye care practitioner will have a highly detailed iPrint™ of your eyes, an optical map, indicating aberrations unique to each of your eyes that impact your vision. With this highly precise information, your customized iZon High Resolution Lenses are produced so that your vision will be truly optimized for distance vision and for quality.

Windows Media Player is required to view the iZon Eye Exam. Download a free copy for either Windows or Macintosh from the Microsoft Web site.

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