Safariland Group improves efficiency with a flexible cloud communications system solutions

The Problem

The Safariland Group had a system lacking in basic features and functionality causing growing frustration and restricting them from growth. They had outgrown their legacy analog system and needed a system that would accommodate their rapid growth and new communication needs.

Our Solution

Crexendo provided The Safariland Group with a consolidated, cloud-based system, giving them a flexible and scalable solution with vital features and functionality allowing them to accommodate growth and connectivity across multiple sites and improved efficiencies.

Cost Savings
Multi-Location Integration
Systemwide Flexibility
Fully Cohesive Scalability

Digging-in: Large Tactical Defense organization improves efficiencies and productivity with flexible/customized cloud communications platform

The Safariland Group, a company with a rich heritage in the law enforcement and sporting markets for over 50 years, encompassing a group of recognized and well-respected brands known for their innovation and quality, empowers over a thousand people to design, research, and deliver their protective equipment products to those who protect us, with a strong commitment to putting their customers first in all that they do.

With such a large system, across multiple sites and different geographic locations, Safariland needed a solution that would provide disaster recovery, simple expansion as they continued to grow, and seamless internal and external communication regardless of the geographic location.

Analysis and Evaluation

Safariland began to evaluate their old Avaya system that was in place and found that it was not only aging but also found that it was only partially networked and was not redundant. After these findings, Safariland knew that it was in need of a new solution and chose to partner with an external consulting firm to inventory their system, current and future needs, as well as assist them in evaluating multiple providers.

The team began reviewing numerous references for The Safariland Group in which they began to conduct internal trials with the use of demo phones in multiple locations (including Canada.) After diligently researching and comparing a vast range of products that could best fulfill their current and future needs, including Cisco, Avaya, WestIP, and many others, it was determined that Crexendo was the best fit for The Safariland Group. “Crexendo’s engineers, product breadth, affordability, and support made them the clear choice to meet our communication requirements” – Scott O’Brien, President, The Safariland Group.


Since switching to Crexendo’s Cloud Communication Platform, The Safariland Group, has implemented over 1,075 phones across 31 locations. “In addition to fulfilling our current and future requirements, Crexendo offers a number of supplementary capabilities that should prove to be useful down the road, such as expanded Call Center functionality, detailed reporting, unified communications, and mobile applications.” – Scott O’Brien, President, The Safariland Group. Crexendo’s Hosted Cloud solution proved to be a perfect match for Safariland’s requirements for a flexible, feature-rich system that could be easily scalable allowing them to meet all their communication needs now and in the future.

“The implementation thus far has been flawless. We have experienced a high level of support from the project management team at Crexendo and they have been great to work with. They have kept this project moving forward, and ensure we experience the savings of a consolidated Crexendo system!”

Scott O’Brien, President

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